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Spanish wine export

Didar Trading Pvt. Ltd. export wines to countries all over the world. Our company offers a professional service and prices are the same as if bought directly from the wineries. We pride our self with value for the money and select each wine very carefully. We have a good relationship with each winery and focus on bringing you extraordinary wines not found in the common tradeshows. The owner Pavlina Jaskova started to export wines in 2005 to the east European countries, such as Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and more. In the past 2 years, her company has expanded and the exporting activities have built up a network of dedicated distributors in and outside of Europe. We enjoy the taste of a fabulous wine and hope to share it with you.


In some overseas countries, specific labelling is obligatory for food and beverages when sold directly to the public. Up-on request, we can supply backside labels for wines with sufficient production and order quantities. For smaller series we have to charge extra. In all circumstances, the labelling request will be handled on individual bases. This is because conditions differ between our various producers. Our providers are all quality wine producers with limited production for their most prestigious wines. We are able to take pre-orders on wines with complete language specific labelling.