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SARASATE Crianza  
The SARASATE Crianza is processed with 85 % Tempranillo and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon varieties from our owm vineyards. It is fermented and macerated under a strict temperature control, keeping it twelve months in American oak barrels, and at least 8 months in the bottle before its sale.

This wine has a medium-high level ruby red colour. The aroma starts with the variety definition, wel accompanied later by a soft torrefied and finishing with a touch of liquorice.
This wine comes 100 % from grapes of the Garnacha variety. It is made in the traditional manner of Navarre rosés, by macerating the must in contact with the seeded and stemmed grapes, then draining off and fermenting it slowly at a controlled temperature that never exceeds 18º.

The result is a strawberry pink wine, more or less intensely coloured depending on maceration time during processing, resulting very brilliant and clean

It has an intense fruity aroma at the nose and a fleshy, well-structured flavour , with a lingering, refreshing aftertaste.
SARASATE Tempranillo  
The SARASATE Tempranillo is made with stemmed and partially pressed 100 % Tempranillo variety grapes from our own vineyards. 

It is fermented and macerated under a strict temperature control, keeping it for three months in American oak barrels, searching for the fineness of colour, complexity at the nose and softness in the mouth.